Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hike Calendar for July 21-28, 2014

Monday, July 21

9:00am Emma Wood

5:00pm Monday evenings at Chantry Flat

5:30pm Rocky Peak – Hike

5:30pm Stough/Wildwood Loop


6:30pm O: Conditioning Hike in Rancho Palos Verdes

6:30pm Beaudry Motorway Loop to Tongva Peak in the Verdugo Mountains


Tuesday, July 22

9:00am Liberty Canyon loop

5:45pm Hike the Arroyo Seco 7 miles / 1400' gain

6:00pm Weekly Mt McCoy Hike *OR* Long Canyon (read description)

6:00pm Mt. McCoy Trail Hike

6:15pm "TUESDAY NIGHT BRISK" Lake Hollywood to Mt. Lee (Hollywood Sign)

6:30pm 6 mile - Signal Hill Evening Hike

6:30pm Griffith Park Hike to Mt. Hollywood @ Merry Go Round Lot

6:30pm Sierra Club Conditioning Hike - San Pedro

6:45pm Tuesday Night Trailblaze

7:00pm Sierra Club Beginner's Hike

7:00pm Sierra Club Griffith Park Tuesday Evening Hike & Potluck!


Wednesday, July 23

5:30pm Mad Ken's Cruzin the Conejo Arroyo/ Lynnmere loop

5:30pm Sunset Hike - Lake Casitas - Shoreline Trail - 7 mrt

6:30pm Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook hike - 2 Hrs

6:00pm Echo Mountain 325

6:30pm Hump Day Loop on China Flat Trail

7:00pm Wednesday Night Hike—Griffith Park

7:00pm Weekly Evening Urban Hike in Ventura

7:00pm Sierra Club Griffith Park Wednesday Evening Hike


Thursday, July 24

9:00am Sunset Hills Trail with a View of Bard Reservoir – A Gentler Hike

10:00am A Photographer's Journey into Solstice Canyon

6:00pm MidWeek Hike-Las Virgenes Trail to Cheseboro Ridge 6 mi. Loop

6:00pm The Chumash Trail Hike

6:30pm 6 mile - Signal Hill Evening Hike

6:30pm Sierra Club Conditioning Hike - Rancho Palos Verdes

7:00pm Sierra Club Griffith Park Thursday Evening Hike


Friday, July 25

9:00am Hiking Hellman Trail at Turnbull

12:00pm -~3 Day Camping and Hiking~-Buckhorn campground-Angeles National Forest


Saturday, July 26

6:15am Baldy and 3Ts

6:15am Ontario Peak via Falling Rock Canyon

6:30am Dagger Flat Trail Work

6:45am Hike Solstice Canyon in Malibu and visit the Roberts House ruin

7:00am Mt.Wilson Mountain Hike (Level 3)

7:30am Cucamonga Peak, 12 miles..3900' gain or so... Whoo Hoo!!

8:00am Newton Canyon and the Backbone Trail (Santa Monica Mountains)

8:30am 9 mile scenic round trip hike at West Fork Trail on Hwy 39 (Azusa Ave.)

8:30am Switzer Falls

9:00am 24Fit Hike Club's: "Beginner Hike #2 ~ Gould Mesa"

9:00am Return To La Jolla Canyon

10:00am Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Hike!

4:00pm Saddle Peak area rock exploration

5:00pm Santa Monica Bluffs and Beach Walk W/ Stairs

6:00pm Angeles Crest New Moon Light Backpacking Trip


Sunday, July 27

6:30am Dagger Flat Trail Work

6:30am Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flats

6:45am Hike Cucamonga Peak

7:00am Ontario Peak

8:00am 24Fit Hike Club's Sunday Hike: "Secret Rainforest"—Studio City

8:00am Happy Hike—Palos Verdes

8:00am Saddle Peak and Top of Topanga Loop

8:00am Sunday morning in Monrovia Canyon Park

9:00am Parker Mesa Overlook

10:30am Bridge to Nowhere--swim party and potluck

4:00pm Backbone Trail from Latigo Cyn to Elephant Rock

5:00pm Rocky Peak Fire Road Hike

5:45pm Evening Griffith Park Hike to the top


Monday, July 28

8:30am Park & Bard Beach Walk—Port Hueneme

5:00pm Monday evenings at Chantry Flat


6:30pm O: Conditioning Hike in Rancho Palos Verdes

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Best Photos from Hikes I lead

For more information on these hike spots, go to

(BELOW: Kenneth Hahn park)

(BELOW: Skull Rock west of Temescal Canyon)

(BELOW: Eagle Rock)

(BELOW: Calabasas Peak)

(BELOW: Tuna Canyon park)

(BELOW: trail from Stunt Road to Topanga Lookout)

(BELOW: Saddle Peak rocks)

(BELOW: Malibu Creek state park)

(BELOW: Zuma Falls)

(BELOW: Corral Ridge rocks)

(BELOW: Charmlee Park)

(BELOW: Nicholas Flats at Leo Carrillo State park)

(BELOW: Tri-Peaks viewed from Sandstone Peak)

(BELOW: the Grotto)

(BELOW: Western Ridge trail to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak)

(BELOW: Tri Peaks)

(BELOW: Tar Creek)

(BELOW: Castle Peak)

(BELOW: Cave of the Munits)

(BELOW: Sage Ranch east-facing cliff-ledge, east loop trail)

(BELOW: Hummingbird trail caves)

(BELOW: the rock house at intersection of Rocky Peak and Hummingbird trails)

(BELOW: JohnHenge and Cooper falls)

(BELOW: Bouquet falls)

(BELOW: Vasquez Cliffs--off the usual hike route)

(BELOW: the most popular rocks in Vasquez)

(BELOW: Abalone Cove)