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Monday, September 29, 2014

Hike Calendar for September 29 to October 5th, 2014

Monday, September 29

9:00am Emma Wood

5:00pm Mad Monday Hike- Long Canyon to Albertson Motorway Loop


Tuesday, September 30

9:00am Sycamore/Serrano Canyon loop

5:30pm Sycamore Canyon Thompson Creek Loop Hike

5:45pm Jones Peak Advanced Training - 6 miles rt, 3000' gain


Wednesday, October 1

5:00pm Mad Ken's Humpday Hike/Three Peaks of Ladyface with a Brasserie finish

5:00pm Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook hike - 2 Hrs

6:30pm Hump Day Hike on Rocky Peak


Thursday, October 2

9:00am Parker Mesa Overlook- a Gentler Hike

5:00pm 10,000 Steps Evening Hike

6:45pm Conditioning Hike to Henninger Flats


Friday, October 3

6:45pm Sierra Club Griffith Park Moonlit Hike and Potluck

7:00pm Friday Night Adventure Hikes to Haunted Hayride

9:00pm LONG OVERDUE 500 MEMBER PARTY and BREW-HA-HA * (shenanigans strongly encouraged) Rockin' Blues at the BIG FISH


Saturday, October 4

6:15am 3T & Harwood & Baldy via Icehouse and Ski Hut

6:30am Mount Wilson from Chantry Flats Hike

6:45am Liberty Cyn to Phantom Trail to Malibu Creek State Park.

6:45am Mt Baldy via Bear Canyon and Back

7:00am Last minute add - Arroyo Seco Hike

7:30am Arroyo Seco from JPL

8:00am Happy Camp Canyon, Middle Range Fire Road Loop HIKE (Moorpark)

8:15am Monrovia Canyon Falls Hike

8:30am Christian Prayer and 9 mile hike at West Fork Trail on Hwy 39 (Azusa Ave.)

9:00am Franklin Canyon Park

10:00am "Visiting" A Huell Howser Experience—Griffith Park

12:00pm 2 Peaks and a Tunnel Hike: San Gabriel and Mt Lowe

1:00pm Mt. Baldy Homecoming Hike & Party!

2:00pm full moon hike to Baldy via backbone/BBQ at the Baldy notch restaurant

3:00pm Eagle Rock loop via Garapito trail

4:30pm Come watch the Sunset at Sunset Peak 7M and 1,300G


Sunday, October 5

7:30am KID FRIENDLY HIKE - Switzer Falls

7:30am San Gabriel Peak (6161') Mt. Lowe (5604') Mueller Tunnel ~17 miles/~4,500' gain

8:00am Malibu Creek State Park-Grassland Trail to Lost Cabin with a Peek at MASH 4077

8:00am Hike From Colorado to Korea - All Expenses Paid! (Paramount ranch to Malibu Creek State Park

8:00am Las Flores Canyon's Ridgeline Trail to Echo Mountain via Mount Lowe Railway

8:00am Sunday morning in Monrovia Canyon Park

4:00pm Hike @ Beaudry

5:00pm Sunday Night Hike-Griffith Park

5:30pm Hummingbird Tr Sunset & Almost Full Moon Pot Luck: A Simple Shuttle.

6:00pm Sunset Hike - Griffith Park

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